Keeping Your Cat Healthy & Happy

Tips for Relaxing Activities, Workouts & More

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What is a Healthy & Happy Cat?

A healthy, happy cat is one that is loved by its owner and has plenty of food to eat. The most important thing to ensure a happy life for your feline friend would be regular vet visits and good nutrition.

When is a cat not healthy? A feline outside for too long without shelter may have trouble regulating their body temperature. If the cat is left outside for too long and cannot escape, they will become dehydrated and may die on the spot.

Nutrition: It is important for your cat to be healthy, so they can physically and emotionally bounce back from any stress. A cat that does not receive adequate nutrition will suffer from low body weight, sensitivity to colds, dental problems, and other common maladies.

Exercise: Next time you see your cat yawning or stretching out on the couch after a long day of napping, think about how important exercise is to their health! One way you can help them stay active would be by providing a variety of toys that help keep their mind sharp and entertained while they burn off some energy.

Tips for Making Sure Your Cat Gets Enough Activity

  1. Put your cat in a room with a window.
  2. Give your cat plenty of places to climb, scratch, and jump on
  3. Take your cat for walks instead of letting them roam the house.
  4. Let your cat roam a fenced-in area with lots of toys, trees and squirrelsCats need lots of exercises to stay healthy and happy.

If you want to help your cat feel happier and more active, try these suggestions.

Grooming Habits that Keep Your Cat Looking Good & Feeling Great

The idea of grooming a cat or cat's hair is often challenging. What do you need to do for your lovable feline companion to look and feel their best? The process of grooming a cat is a manageable task. Grooming should begin when your new kitten arrives at the breeder's home or shelter. If the kitten is due sometime between when it was first born and when it came home, you must start from scratch with all those little "firsts" like the first bath, combing, and brushing!

The following will provide a great starting point for grooming your cat. Kitchen and Laundry: Before you start your cat's grooming, some things should be done to prepare. One task that needs to be completed before anything else is feeding your cat. You will want to ensure the food is fresh and plentiful to keep the fur around their face soft. Another task that should be taken care of before any other is cleaning up any mess they may have made while eating their breakfast or lunch (or dinner).

For example, before brushing your black cat, they should not have any food on their fur. If they do, then you will have to clean them up first. Once the cat is fed and cleaned up, it's time to start grooming your pet! If you are still trying to figure out how much shampoo or other cleaning agents your cat needs, then a great way to help determine this is by using water as an indicator for volume. A great way to do this is by filling two cups of water in each hand and pouring them into a sink or bucket with the liquid level at least 3 inches from the top. From there, knowing how much shampoo your cat needs is easy! Another great way to determine this is by using a measuring cup. If you have a measuring cup on hand, then mixing the proper amount of shampoo in the measuring cup with water and placing it on top of the pet's head should be easy. Rinsing them off with a gentle stream of water will let you know if they need more or less shampoo.


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